Responsible Gambling

Here at, we take responsible gambling very seriously. Anything that can become addictive to the general public should be highly regulated, and that’s why the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is there to only give our licencees to trusted, responsible online gambling companies.

Every piece of content that you will find on our website has been proofread multiple times by our writers, editors, who have been trained by our in-house compliance team. If you see anything on our website that you believe goes against responsible gambling then please reach out to us via the contact form below. We’ll happily hear your opinion and make any amendments if necessary.

How to Gamble Responsibly?

  • Don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose
  • Don’t borrow money to gamble
  • Don’t chase your losses
  • Don’t gamble when you’re upset, angry,
  • Don’t see gambling as a source of income
  • Set realistic time limits, which can be set daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Set realistic deposit limits, which can be set daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Set realistic wager limits, which can be set daily, weekly, and monthly

What to do if you think you have a gambling problem?

First of all, there are a number of things you should do anywhere that you have an active account, this includes:

  • Temporary self-exclusion
  • Permanent self-exclusion

You should also take a self-assessment test to identify if you have an issue, if so, how severe it is. Below you can find some tools to help with this:

It’s of great importance that you also seek help with a friend, loved one, or one of the charities that we’ve outlined below.

It can be hard to tell someone close to you about addiction, so it might be best to first speak with one of these charities.

How to Seek Help?

There are many UK-based charities that focus their efforts on problem gamblers. Below you can find a list of the best places to reach out to if you’re looking for help with your gambling.


GambleAware is a registered charity that aims to help people maintain a healthy balance with gambling. They provide lots of information on the topic of problem gambling.

As well as offering free 24/7 support for anyone that might be having trouble with gambling, or knows someone close to them that is. To get in touch with them go to thier website and open their live chat feature, otherwise, they also offer a freephone helpline.

Website –

Contact Number – 0808 8020 133


GamCare operates the National Gambling Helpline, they provide advice and information in order to educate and prevent gambling harm. They act as an open channel to anyone that might want to reach out. See their website for more details.

Website –

Contact Number – 0808 8020 133

National Problem Gambling Clinic

The National Problem Gambling Clinic works closely with the other providers that we’ve mentioned. They see how they can help each individual, as these can differ case-by-case. They also work on developing new ways to treat problem gamblers.

Website –

Contact details – or 020 7381 7722 (if you don’t have access to email)

Gamblers Anonymous UK

Gamblers Anonymous is a group of problem gamblers that help each other overcome their battles. On their website, you can find where your nearest meeting is being held, you can also register in order to communicate in their online forum.

Website –

Contact –

Gordon Moody Association

Gordon Moody Association is a charity that helps problem gamblers in the UK. They offer residential support and treatment via their two treatment centres. They also offer online support. You can get in touch via their website or the contact details below.

Website –

Contact details – 01384 241292 or is part of the Gordon Moody Association, and they aim to help people globally. They offer information and support for problem gamblers via their website, helpline, and mobile app.

Website –

Contact details – Live support or email via their website

iOS app –

Android app –

Underage Gambling

Another important aspect of responsible gambling is underage gambling, and how this is tackled. The minimum age to gamble in the United Kingdom is 18. This is being handled better now by the UKGC, as all online casinos have to verify a player’s details before they can start playing any casino games. Meaning that anyone under the age of 18 won’t be verified, and rightfully so.